From 2020-2021 College Connect a project spanning four universities; AIT, DCU, DkIT and MU, in partnership with the Irish Refugee Council carried out research with over 100 refugees. Many are fleeing their countries of origin because of war or poverty, and some will have experienced trauma, torture, human trafficking, violence, exploitation, grief, and loss.

The We are here HEAR project aims to provoke public attention and challenge stigma and stereotypes of refugees and people seeking asylum, through an open-air touring exhibition of photographs and stories being hosted in a number of locations in the Midlands, East, North and Dublin regions. Cultural Awareness Training materials have also been developed by experienced educators on subjects stemming from the research.

Get involved by telling us what you think about the project by taking our survey or check out our training materials and see how your organisation could become more inclusive and culturally aware.

The Project Team




The Stakeholders/Funders

The Public Service Innovation Fund is a competitive fund that aims to support innovative ideas from across public service organisations and turn them into a reality with funding. We are here, HEAR was gratefully awarded funding from PSIF in 2021.

Dublin Castle’s community engagement and outreach service expand their learning programme beyond the walls of the Castle. Through collection-focused projects and events, they reach out into the community and work with groups who might not otherwise access the Castle’s public programme.

College Connect is a joint initiative of four Higher Education Institutions in the Midlands and North Dublin Region (MEND). Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT), Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT), Dublin City University (DCU), and Maynooth University (MU). They work together to signpost you to the support and services you need to apply for college.

Our vision is a student population that ‘reflects and respects the diversity of our community.  College Is For Anyone; IT CAN BE YOU